FreedomPop's philosophy is simple; the Internet is a right, not a privilege. We believe your privacy should follow suite. It's common knowledge that the almighty NSA has been tracking most if not all our phone conversations and text messages for some time now, with the help of many major carriers. Often times, major carriers were compensated for delivering your data. That's about to change today. Introducing the Privacy Phone from Freedom Pop.

The Privacy Phone ($189) nicknamed the 'Snowden Phone', is made for those who believe in privacy and security. Using Freedom Pop's VoIP network, calls remain encrypted while applications and data are sent through a secure encrypted VPN. Built-in 128-bit SSL encryption software ensures your information is secured with the same technology trusted by leading credit card and bank transactions.

The Privacy Phone is built upon the Samsung Galaxy II, cost $189, and allows users change their telephone number anytime. Allowing for further anonymity, our Privacy Phone can be purchased using Bitcoin.